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Artist Chris McMahon buys other people’s landscape paintings at thrift stores and puts monsters in them.

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To recover from a pic like that, the dude can do no wrong.

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So today I went to the historic village of Shirakawago, a world heritage site, and as you can see I went to have a look at a beautiful shrine there, Hachiman shrine.

Imagine how surprised me and my friend were, when we checked out the ema (little wishing boards) and were met with this: 



Apparently, this is the village Hinamizawa from Higurashi was based on. 

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The three stages.

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"ZING! OH MAN I GOT HER AGAIN. I tell you, there is nothing better than walking around in formal wear and ridiculously oversized sunglasses and making fun of middle schoolers. Damn, Chiba, you are the MAN. This has put me in such a great mood, I might live it up and repot my plants a few days ahead of schedule. LIVING THE LIFE."

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Super Mario Sunshine.

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(From: “NouCome”)


(From: “NouCome”)

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